Ghostville is the city where I live. With roughly 50,000 people, Ghostville is filled with impressions of different lives; those that could have been lived, those that have been lived in the past, and those the became paths neglected for a different direction.

Calling myself the “hero” of Ghostville is a bit of a stretch. The things I do are not heroic. I work, I raise kids, I run the streets, I read, I write, I watch soccer, I set traps for mice, I try to eat my vegetables, and I shower almost every day. None of these things are heroic, but when I see myself being the center of all of these activities, I know that Ghostville would not be the same place without me.

The purposes of these writings are twofold. 1. To share the stories of Ghostville. The town is eclectic and interesting through my eyes. 2. To share the things that I enjoyed. The things I find interesting, from comics to books to television to music. This combination will give you a peek into my world.

I plan to post Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 pm. Tuesdays post will be personal. Fridays post will be a review, mostly of books that you have never heard of and will probably never hear of again.

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