Review: Death Fortune by Sean Thomas Fisher

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It begins with your fortune.
And ends with your freak death.

After inheriting an animated fortune teller machine, Jimmy’s luck is finally about to change. But for better or worse? He hauls the old cabinet home and, after a series of odd coincidences, quickly begins to suspect the hand carved gypsy inside is handing out fortunes with a deadly twist. Is the beautiful Rozelda made of more than just wood? Or is the brown bottle getting the best of Jimmy yet again? When his girlfriend, Rebecca, takes a fortune, he will soon find out. Only an energy greater than darkness can stop what’s coming next.

Fortune favors the bold…


I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review. Death Fortune is a pleasant surprise. It starts with Jimmy inheriting a packed storage unit from his dead aunt. There is an auctioneer that meets them because he is to sell the unit next to them. In a lucky bet, which might have been a little bit of unethical business practices on the part of the auctioneer, they trade their junk filled aunt’s unit for the unknown in the unit next door. The unknown is a fortune telling machine, with a “beautiful woman inside the box” named Rozelda. The mystery and horror commences as Jimmy takes it back to his house, thinking he is going to add to his bar when he opens it as a novelty piece. And then the man in black starts to show up and people start to die.

The story is fun and fast paced. It reminds me of a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode because the suspense and pacing is fast and powerful. It really moves and sucks the reader into the story. I zipped through most of it, until there was a break, toward the 80% mark, the story stops and hits a huge flashback that turns into an information dump. I understand why this happens, and it does really set up the finale, but there was so much momentum that immediately is gone, also makes it hard to get back into the current story.

I do like the ending, and I do like the story as a whole. I did not expect as much as what I received from this novel so most of it was a nice surprise. I found this to be engaging, cinematic, and a great deal of fun. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good suspenseful horror book. 

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