Review: Ratio of Brookes to Ashleys by Wol-Vriey

Ratio of Brookes to Ashleys

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After being cursed by a dying woman, Mike Broadman’s love life completely nosedives. One girlfriend cheats on him and the next one dies a very messy death.

Next, a psychic informs Mike that he’s under an evil spell that will keep killing his girlfriends, and that the ONLY solution (the ONLY way that he’ll ever have a happy love life again) is for him to only date women named either Brooke or Ashley from now on.

Mike tries to comply with this, but still, the deaths continue, and now they’re becoming even more brutal and bloody. Mike now finds himself in a race against time. He needs to ‘equalize the ratio of Brookes to Ashleys’ before it’s too late.

And then, just when it seems things can’t get any crazier or deadlier for Mike, he meets ‘Brash’ — the twins Brooke and Ashley Lawrence . . .

And the body count keeps rising . . .


Wol-vriey contacted me years ago to review one of his novellas, Big Trouble in Little Ass, a crazy western that I loved enough to recommend to everyone. Years later, he has requested again that I look at Ratio of Brookes to Ashleys. I did not hesitate to agree. I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Mike has broken up with his girlfriend, Ashley, and she takes it hard. So hard that she casts a spell on him during a ritual suicide. Mike then starts to see everyone he is dating die in horrific ways. He needs to find out this curse does not apply to girls named Ashley or Brooke, the first and middle name of his ex-girlfriend. Mike is that twenty something character who hangs out with other twenty something characters. They all go to their menial jobs, drink on their time off, and sleep with each other. It is not hard for Mike to find Ashleys and Brookes to date.

Except there might be a killer following Mike killing pretty much everyone he knows. 

There are a few different layers to this novel. You have the aspect of Mike trying to deal with this curse. You have the serial killer mystery. And this is all wrapped up in a party lifestyle that Mike and his friends participate in. I like Wol-vriey’s plots and his characters are pretty funny. I was put off by some of the writing. Some of the turns of phrase and sentences just did not really fit well. The story is meant to take place on the East Coast. Wol-vriey is from Nigeria. Some of this feels like when all of the Italian movie makers were making films in America, like New York Ripper and The House by the Cemetery. It is not that there is anything particularly wrong as much as the tone feels different. Wol-vriey uses some words and phrases that people in New England would not use. 

As a whole, I really liked Ratio of Brookes to Ashleys. It is a fun horror novel that mashes up two of the great subgenres of horror, the evil curse and the serial killer story, and he spares no detail in talking about blood and guts. Wol-vriey has a ton of books out, and all of them are good fun. 

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