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Review: “Beautiful/Grotesque” edited by Sam Richard

Buy it here: Godless, Weirdpunk Books, Amazon Synopsis: Five authors of strange fiction, Roland Blackburn (Seventeen Names For Skin), Jo Quenell (The Mud Ballad), Katy Michelle Quinn (Winnie), Joanna Koch (The Wingspan of Severed Hands), and Sam Richard (Sabbath of … Continue reading

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Review: Seventeen Names for Skin by Roland Blackburn

Published August 31st 2020 by Weirdpunk BooksISBN1951658167 (ISBN13: 9781951658168) Buy it here: Weirdpunk Books, Bookshop, or Amazon Synopsis: After a cancer diagnosis gives her six months to live, Snow Turner does what any introverted body-piercer might: hire a dark-web assassin and take … Continue reading

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Review: Hybrid Moments A Literary Tribute to the Misfits Edited by Sam Richard and MP Johnson

Buy it at the publisher here Synopsis You know the songs. They’re etched into every punk’s brain. Not just because they’re catchy, but because there’s something else there. Glenn Danzig’s lyrics evoke intense imagery. Beautiful, dark, monstery imagery. There’s poetry … Continue reading

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