Review: Reg E Rat’s Birthday Fun Center and Same Day Outpatient Care Facility by Frank J. Edler

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For Mortimer, there are only two things in life to fear: kidney stones and children’s birthday parties. For his son, Ichabod, its bullies and lame birthday presents. The father and son duo are about to spend an afternoon facing their worst fears at the quirkiest place on Earth: Reg E. Rat’s Birthday Fun Center.

Reg E. Rat’s is full of fun and games for the whole family. It’s also filled with maniac animatronics, a questionable food menu and, somewhere in the back, the zaniest medical staff imaginable.

Spend a hellacious afternoon with Reg E. Rat and friends. You’re gonna have a bloody good

“Frank J. Edler, the deranged mind behind BRATS IN HELL, and DEATH GETS A BOOK, is back with his most insane and hilarious book to date. REG E. RAT’S BIRTHDAY FUN CENTER & SAME DAY OUTPATIENT CARE FACILITY is batshit crazy—full of animatronic monsters, a giant humanoid rat and brutal kill scenes. Birthday parties will never be the same. Enjoy the pizza!” — Daniel J. Volpe, author of LEFT TO YOU


A few years ago, Nicolas Cage starred in a weird little movie called Wilby Wonderland. The premise is that he has to stay overnight at a children’s pizza place and clean. Of course the animatronic animals come to life and try to kill him. In Fank J Edler’s newest novella, Reg E. Rat’s Birthday Fun Center and Same Day Outpatient Care Facility, Mr. Frank (probably) said, “I can do this even better. Let’s have the pizza place be open and have the animatronic animals kill everyone in the middle of five birthday parties. Wouldn’t that be fun?” The answer is Yes. It is a lot of fun.

Mortimer’s son Ichabod is invited to a friend’s birthday party at Reg E. Rat’s Birthday Fun Center. Like every single parent in the entire world, Mortimer does not want to go because places like this are awful, with a thousand snotty screaming kids running around, awful pizza, and nothing but a desire to escape. Added to Mortimer’s suffering is the pain of some kidney stones moving around in his lower abdomen. Nothing could be worse. Until the animatronic animals in the band come to life with the sole purpose to kill everyone in sight.

This is Frank J. Edler. There is humor and a silliness to the killing of all of the patrons and the funny and even more bizarre ways that the heroes fight back. It is easy to focus on Reg E Rat, but we cannot forget that second half of the title, Same Day Outpatient Care Facility, which is linked to the story in major ways. The two places, Reg E Rat’s and the Same Day Outpatient Care Facility, are connected and ran by the same company, but it is also the different subgenres in the same story. The Reg E. Rat side of the building is survival horror and Same Day Outpatient Care Facility is bizarro body horror. The two of them melt together and with a huge dose of comedy, we receive a fun and hilarious book. 

I will always read Mr. Frank’s books because I will always be indebted to him for his “weird and wacky” fiction podcast called Bizzong!. I was introduced to so many authors that I love through this podcast that I was sad to see that Mr. Frank needed to end it for his family and for his writing. Since ending the show, he has produced some great books, and though I’ll be a Zonger for life, I am happy that he made the right decision, not only for himself but for his fans. Do yourself a favor and give one of his books a try. Reg E. Rat’s Birthday Fun Center and Same Day Outpatient Care Facility is a great place to start. Stat!

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